Lookbook Lunes 28

I used to have a lookbook account but gave it up over a year ago. I will be reposting my previous looks up here in the blog and call it the LOOKBOOK LUNES. *Lunes is tagalog/filipino for Monday.

Let’s start the week fashionably right!

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The Flying Mermaid





It took me 2 years to come back home to the land down under. I had solid plans of returning here as early as possible but then life happened. I was left with no choice but to deal and heal. Time allowed me to be whole again.

Now on my 2nd week back, everything is slowly falling into place. I am welcomed with the warmth of 2nd chances by my school and workplace.

I came back just in time for spring season to see the wonderful bloom of the Jacaranda trees. It is in perfect timing as the hope of 2nd try springs within me.

I now understand that I did not wait in vain, every delay has a purpose. I am much prepared to be successful. I will soon build my empire. Wait for it! *blink*

Thank you to my family for their undying love and faith in me. You are the true champions!

Thank you to my friends who were always one viber away. Thanks for never leaving my side even if I was being difficult at times.

Thank you to the love of my life. Being with you makes me want to be better in all sense of my being.

For all those who are experiencing delays in their lives, don’t get defeated. It is never a failure to wait, it is just a success in waiting.


The Flying Mermaid


We stayed in Sydney, Australia for 2 days for a quick tour.The hotels and other accommodations were so expensive that I had to seek for other options, AirBnB it is!

My first AirBnB experience was very pleasant. We chose an accommodation offered by David in Bondi Junction. It is the perfect location for us because we just walked our way to Bondi Beach and it is not too far from the city.


David was a very pleasant host. He waited for us and helped us carry our heavy luggage. He gave us tips on where to and not to go.

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The place was clean and complete with the basic things that we needed.

image (3)

The kitchen has breakfast foodies and the toilet and bath is complete with shampoo, conditioner, body wash, toilet paper. He even left a disposable comb for us.

image (2)

As he said, Bondi Junction is one of the most expensive accommodations in the city and we got it for a fair price. It was all in all a very good AirBnB experience. If I’d use this accommodation again, it is because of the positive experiences that I got from staying at David’s.


The Flying Mermaid