We stayed in Sydney, Australia for 2 days for a quick tour.The hotels and other accommodations were so expensive that I had to seek for other options, AirBnB it is!

My first AirBnB experience was very pleasant. We chose an accommodation offered by David in Bondi Junction. It is the perfect location for us because we just walked our way to Bondi Beach and it is not too far from the city.


David was a very pleasant host. He waited for us and helped us carry our heavy luggage. He gave us tips on where to and not to go.

image (4)

The place was clean and complete with the basic things that we needed.

image (3)

The kitchen has breakfast foodies and the toilet and bath is complete with shampoo, conditioner, body wash, toilet paper. He even left a disposable comb for us.

image (2)

As he said, Bondi Junction is one of the most expensive accommodations in the city and we got it for a fair price. It was all in all a very good AirBnB experience. If I’d use this accommodation again, it is because of the positive experiences that I got from staying at David’s.


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nurses’ bowling cup


I worked as a nurse in Bustos Community Hospital. I was not really familiar with the place because even though I grew up in Bulacan, we were actually based in Batangas for the longest time. When my colleagues from the hospital invited me and my bestfriend cousin to play bowling with them, we went for it.


The bowling alley was located at Baliuag Bulacan near NE Mart. Unlike other bowling alleys, they are not so strict with the ‘bowling shoes’ policy so we just used whatever footwear we had on at that time.




The rates were really reasonable, I could actually classify it as cheap. If I remember it correctly, it was just 60Php per head and that was multiple games.



We had so much fun fooling around and competing with each other. It was a debreather that we all needed at that time considering all the stress from workload in the hospital.


Aside from bowling they also have tables for table tennis and they offer a variety of food choices.


Up to now I am so thrilled everytime that I get a chance to bowl. I won’t classify myself as a good player but I really enjoy this sport and it doesn’t really matter if you’re good at it or not so as long as you are having fun, right?



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For my 22nd birthday(2010) I went out of town with some of my closest friends and boyfriend. We went to Blue Coral Beach Resort in Laiya, Batangas. It was a pretty long drive from Manila but definitely worth it. Upon entering the beach area you will see various signages from resorts in the area.


It was a summer so it is always best decision to make reservations. Planning gives you a whole lot choices as compared to just walking into a resort.



As soon as we checked-in, we changed into our swimsuits and hit the beach right away!



blue-coral-59We were mesmerized by the beach’s beauty. It was truly a paradise! But do not expect a fine white sand like that in Boracay because what they have in Laiya are white shells. If you look closer at the photo below you would see the consistency of the sand here. It was a bit difficult to walk on so it is best to wear flip flops.



This is an open beach so you may pass through the beach walk of other resorts like Acuatico Beach Resort which has an infinity pool that catches everyone’s attention.


IMG-1516Even before ‘selfies’ were a thing, my friends and I used to do this already. We have so many things in common and one of them is our love for photos!







If you are not a sea-kinda-person, Blue Coral Beach Resort also offers an outdoor pool where you may swim at.IMG-1368

As I have mentioned earlier, you may walk along the beach walk of other resorts so at night time my boyfriend and I strolled. When we saw that there were no guards in the entrance to other resorts we came in! Well just so we could take photos though. My boyfriend did not like that but I still pushed for it. We went to Sabangan Beach Resort which was just beside the resort that we rented.



It was indeed one beachin’ birthday to remember.



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villa anna

After our most treasured Puerto Galera trip, my friend who is a local in Oriental Mindoro invited us over for a few more days of fun.


My good friend is from Victoria, Oriental Mindoro. We stayed the night at their abode then come morning they invited us over Villa Anna Paradise Resort and Farm.


It was such a peaceful and beautiful place. In here, you have all the time to spend with nature. If you are the type of person who likes the green green grass, tall trees, fresh air, chirping of birds amongst other things, this is the place for you. I must say this will be serenity with mother nature at its finest.








They have a number of accommodation that you may choose from.




Ooooooh! I just can’t wait to go back to this earth-friendly place just to be with myself and mother nature. This is a sweet escape that I will always look forward to.


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start of an addiction

I wasn’t born into a rich family so traveling is something that I could only do if I really really REALLY have extra money, especially when I was still studying.

Lucky I have friends who are equally adventurous and wanted to explore the world with me. We had to save our lunch allowances in order for this trip to push through but I am so glad that we did.

For the record, I would have to say that this trip (summer of 2008) started my whole addiction for traveling.


We went to Puerto Galera in Oriental Mindoro through Jam bus liner in Kamias, Quezon City to Batangas Port then took a boat to the white beach itself.


The boat ride was a bit bumpy but we just made the best out of it and enjoyed. This was our first time anyway.



Touchdown White Beach, Puerto Galera


Obligatory group photo

Obligatory group photo


We stayed at the then newly constructed studio type apartments called White Beach Resort House of Joy. Since it was the peak season when we visited the rate was 1,500Php per night. There were 2 beds and up to 4 people could stay in one room. There was a hot/cold shower, aircon, fridge, and TV.



30_003During our first day we searched for some activities. We were offered a boatride with island hopping and snorkeling for ony 1,5ooPhP.


The Flying Mermaid

It was so much fun! I actually thought that I could live by the sea during this time. It was so addicting!



The locals were offering to braid our hair so we all went for it.


Puerto Galera will always be memorable to me. This may not be as attractive as it was before but it will always have that appeal to me that no other beaches could ever have. I wish I could go back to being a teenager and spend the vacation with my good ol’ friends. After all, that is one of the essences of traveling, to enjoy it with the people most valuable to us.



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the flying mermaid is here..



So yeah. I am finally back to blogging. It has been a year since I put so much time and effort into this, and I am so happy to have been given a chance to do this again.

I wanted to start a new blog just in time as I start a new chapter of my never boring life and love for fashion, food, and travel.

I have tons of experiences to share and I couldn’t wish for anything but more time to keep doing this.

So for now, just wait and be amazed by yours truly, the flying mermaid.



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