shonan tei japanese resto bar



Shonan Tei Japanese Resto Bar has left me in awe for the past year. It is that one tiny bitsy restaurant in Mindanao Avenue which almost always have cars outside. It made me wonder how good their food is.


The place seems like a legit Japanese restaurant. It has very limited seats. The servers were nice and attentive. Ms. Janet who is the owner and wife of the chef was very accommodating. I thought she knew the guests on the other table because of the way she approached them but I was baffled when she gave us that same warm treatment.


While we were checking the menu out, we were served with this pickled sea weed or something. It was appetizing.


The sibs and I shared the following delicious dishes:

Tuna Salad

Tuna Salad

It was very refreshing. The tuna tasted real fresh and the sour acidic vinaigrette blended well with the whole dish.

Wagyu Saikoro Steak

Wagyu Saikoro Steak

This wagyu appetizer was my favorite amongst everything that we devoured that night. It was very very juicy and tender to the point of melting to the mouth. Once you took a bite, you will taste the savory juice of the beef exploding in your mouth. It was really good.

Wagyu Saikoro Steak

Wagyu Saikoro Steak


Sorry I didn’t get to take note or a pic of the menu so I have no idea what the name of this dish is. All I know is that it was delicious and tasty. The noodles were soft and the beef on top was perfectly thin.



Katsudon was great. The meat was tender and the rice was covered in the sweet savory sauce.



This skewers were properly grilled and so so yummy. It was only priced at P50 each.


Everything tasted authentic, maybe because the chef was really from Japan. We were their last customer for that night but the treatment was as warm as if we were the first. It was a great dining experience, I must say.


Shonan Tei Japanese Resto Bar

863 Mindanao Avenue, Bahay Toro, Project 8, Quezon City




The Flying Mermaid

Shonantei Japanese Resto Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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