baby samsam’s 2nd birthday

The sibs and I were in contact with Kuya Kenneth for a week regarding Baby SamSam’s 2nd birthday celebration. He informed us that it will be a simple Jollibee Kiddie Party with more or less 60 guests.


We were so excited to see Baby SamSam and Baeby Baste but we patiently waited along with other guests.


Everybody was very enthusiastic and eager to hug, kiss, and pinch these two kids as soon as they entered.



They were asked to sit down but as soon as they heard the beat of the music, they got out of their seats and danced along with the Jollibee staff.


Everyone was so happy to see their moves and couldn’t help but take photos and videos of them.


Samsam was very makulit and malikot. Paikot-ikot siya all over the place and he was hugely distracted by his birthday cake.


IMG_3921Mommy Sheila had to distract him because he would’ve made a mess if he reached the birthday cake.


After a few parlor games, guests were allowed to take a photo or two with them. SamSam was not included in half of the pictures kasi naglilikot siya kung saan saan. So adorbs!


This is my most priced picture of me and Baeby Baste. I looooooove it!




The kids got tired of all the photo ops but were energized as soon as they saw Jollibee!


SamSam loves Jollibee so much. He was so clingy and glued to the mascot. He even gave Jollibee some of his chocolates and I could have sworn that he tried to feed the mascot some candies.


One of my Baeby Baste stories to tell my kids is this: While he was eating his Jolly Spaghetti, Baste tried to whistle and he was surprised with the sound that it made. He was looking straight at me and I laughed as I see he was baffled with the sound. He blew the whistle again to show off to me. Then I knew I made a connection with him. It was a moment between the two of us that I will treasure forever. Haha! May ganon?


Give credit where credit is due, sabi nga nila. I have to give credit to and praise Mommy Shiella.


The kids were polite and bubbly. I believe they are being raised properly. One of the things na hinangaan ko talaga sa mga bagets na ito ay ang positive attitude nila. They have videos that show na may sakit sila, and most of us are moody when we’re sick right? But these two were still smiling and malambing though masama ang pakiramdam nila. Ang galing lang. Ang gaan siguro nila maging kasama kahit pa tumanda na sila. Positive lang.


They were trained to say “thank you” whenever they were handed gifts. They were asked to say “sorry” for improper things that they have done. And most especially, at a young age they know how to pray to and praise God.


Congratulations Mommy Shiella and Papa Sol for having two of the cutest and most wonderful kids in the world.


Again, Happy 2nd Birthday SamSam!


Baeby Baste’s Facebook Page:



The Flying Mermaid



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