gerry’s jeepney

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The Parentals invited The Babe and I for a lunch out but they left the deciding out to us. We were feeling Filipino food that day so we drove to Maginhawa Street and headed to Gerry’s Jeepney.

image (12)

It was lunch time when we arrived hence the long line. The place was packed with families, friends,students, workers, etc. They also catered for a Christening reception when we were there.

image (15)

I was not able to get the name of this lady in the picture but she was the receptionist. She was exceptional in doing her job. Her queue was organized and she made sure that we get the service that we like.

image (10)

The receptionist explained that there was an event that they catered for so she kindly asked for our patience. She asked whether we would like to sit on the jeepneys or the restaurant inside which was airconditioned. It was scorching hot that day so we chose the latter.

image (4)

I must give credit to the design committee of this restaurant. It was well thought of and executed. It looked like they spent a lot of their budget and space on props but it is rewarding to know that they achieved the ambiance that they were going for.

image (1)

They have little sorts of entertainment while waiting such as the sungka. It took us a good one hour to be sitted inside but as soon as we came in the food was ready to be served as they took our order in advance.

image (8)

Since this is a Filipino restaurant and they have boodle fights in the menu, using your hands to eat is very common. They have a number of sink to use for handwashing.

image (3)

We ordered three dishes but I was only able to take a photo of one. We were so hungry so I didn’t bother taking a shot of the sinigang na ulo sa miso and the grilled tanigue.

image (7)

Crispy Pata, P375

Crispy pata was not as crispy as we wanted it to be. Maybe because we ordered it in advance and it took us a while to get a table. I think it was just a matter of timing that went wrong here. The sinigang was so good I think I finished half of the soup myself. The servers, however, were not as accommodating as their receptionist.


Perfect way to end a hearty Filipino meal is the dirty ice cream which was offered right in front of the restaurant. I was surprised with the price as the last time I had it, it was only P5.

Avocado Ice Cream, P20

Avocado Ice Cream, P20


Gerry’s Jeepney

7B Maginhawa Street, UP Village, Diliman, Quezon City

(02) 435 6824

Open 11:00 am to 11:00 pm




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Gerry's Jeepney Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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