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I used to have a lookbook account but gave it up over a year ago. I will be reposting my previous looks up here in the blog and call it the LOOKBOOK LUNES. *Lunes is tagalog/filipino for Monday.

Let’s start the week fashionably right!

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shonan tei japanese resto bar



Shonan Tei Japanese Resto Bar has left me in awe for the past year. It is that one tiny bitsy restaurant in Mindanao Avenue which almost always have cars outside. It made me wonder how good their food is.


The place seems like a legit Japanese restaurant. It has very limited seats. The servers were nice and attentive. Ms. Janet who is the owner and wife of the chef was very accommodating. I thought she knew the guests on the other table because of the way she approached them but I was baffled when she gave us that same warm treatment.


While we were checking the menu out, we were served with this pickled sea weed or something. It was appetizing.


The sibs and I shared the following delicious dishes:

Tuna Salad

Tuna Salad

It was very refreshing. The tuna tasted real fresh and the sour acidic vinaigrette blended well with the whole dish.

Wagyu Saikoro Steak

Wagyu Saikoro Steak

This wagyu appetizer was my favorite amongst everything that we devoured that night. It was very very juicy and tender to the point of melting to the mouth. Once you took a bite, you will taste the savory juice of the beef exploding in your mouth. It was really good.

Wagyu Saikoro Steak

Wagyu Saikoro Steak


Sorry I didn’t get to take note or a pic of the menu so I have no idea what the name of this dish is. All I know is that it was delicious and tasty. The noodles were soft and the beef on top was perfectly thin.



Katsudon was great. The meat was tender and the rice was covered in the sweet savory sauce.



This skewers were properly grilled and so so yummy. It was only priced at P50 each.


Everything tasted authentic, maybe because the chef was really from Japan. We were their last customer for that night but the treatment was as warm as if we were the first. It was a great dining experience, I must say.


Shonan Tei Japanese Resto Bar

863 Mindanao Avenue, Bahay Toro, Project 8, Quezon City

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Shonantei-Japanese-Resto-Bar-1441886446062979/



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Shonantei Japanese Resto Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

rest o’ rama


Dining outside has become very common in our contemporary periods. An average Filipino may dine outside at least once a week, be it a fastfood or proper restaurant.


I am always in search of a good place to eat at. For me, dining should always be a pleasant experience for all of our five senses. Luckily, we chanced upon this newly opened restaurant in Congressional Avenue Extension called, REST O’ RAMA.


The restaurant was very pleasant to the eyes. The decorations were well coordinated and not too crowded in a way that complements each other. The chairs were of lovable powder baby colors.


The restaurant is mostly of wood designs and accents.



Walls were decorated with positive statement pieces.


They used kettles as lamp covers which is very creative.


During the time of our visit, there were a couple of tables filled but none of the guests were noisy at all. You may dine at peace here. It was a pleasant experience for the ears.


Upon sitting, the servers will immediately offer some warm soup and cold water to drink.


They offer lunch deals for only P98.


The Sibs and I tried the following:


Nachos, P150

Their nachos was served with cheese dip, salsa, and ground beef all in separate containers. It was crunchy, tangy, and tasty.

Torikatsu, P98

Torikatsu, P98

I had the Torikatsu out of their lunch menu which was normally priced at P140. It was a tender chicken breast covered in breading served with rice and slaw and a sweet sauce. I am not aware if there is a difference between their torikatsu from lunch and normal menu but the meal that I had was pretty good and filling enough.


Fish and Chips, P150

The fish and chips was good as well. Fish was soft and properly cooked avoiding the ‘lansa’ taste and the chips were thin and crisp on point. I just didn’t like the tartar sauce that came along with it. It tasted like a cheap mayo with added garlic powder. Very minor flaw that can be altered though.

Seafood Mediterranean, P190

Seafood Mediterranean, P190

I am not the biggest fan of cream pastas but the sib said that this pasta was not bad at all. It was generously served with shrimp and parmesan cheese.


We had a pleasant experience in this restaurant. The staff were attentive and always ready to refill our water bottles. They regularly checked on us and asked if there is anything more they can serve us. Plus, the price range was really affordable and the serving size was appropriate.


It is always good discovering new places like this.


Rest O’ Rama

Lot 13 Block 5, Congressional Avenue Extension, Tandang Sora, Quezon City

02 510 8195

Open 11:00 am to 2:00 pm

then 5:00 pm to 11:00 pm

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/restoramaexperience


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ang kwento ng makata

The Sibs and I were fortunate to have watched this extraordinary concert by the one and only, Gloc-9 at the Music Museum in Greenhills, San Juan last Saturday.


We met up with my sister’s friend, Ate Xyza who gracefully assisted us through out this event.


It was the first of the four shows entitled, “Ang Kwento ng Makata, Gloc-9 Live”. Aristotle Pollisco aka Gloc-9 was known for his superduper fast flowing vocal skills. He also writes incredibly patriotic songs that depicts the reality on the lives of the Filipino people.


There were videos shown in between performances and as he explained in one of those, he is a story writer. He writes the stories of modern Filipino people and translates them into songs. These are stories that most of us can identify to—the lives of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs), corrupt politicians, homosexuality to name a few.


For the October 10, 2015 show the following were his special guests:

BAMBOO (Salarin)IMG_4843

MARC ABAYA (Tsinelas sa Putikan)


KYLIE PADILLA (Walang Natira)


Mr. Robin Padilla was also present to give his full support to his daughter, Kylie.










Gloc-9 also featured promising artists:

MIGZ (Alalay ng Hari)


REESE (Stan and Love the Way You Lie)


MAYA (See You Again)


Gloc-9 also took time to go down the stage, roam around, and take a selfie with some of the guests.


He expressed his love and idealism to the late Francis Magalona and ended the day with “Kaleidoscope World”.




It was indeed a great show and surely one for the books. You still have a chance to catch a show as he is doing this for all Saturdays of October. The following are the expected special guests:

October 17 – Chito Miranda, Ebe Dancel, Janno Gibbs, Jonalyn Viray and Rico Blanco.

October 24 – Ebe Dancel, Jolina Magdangal, Ogie Alcasid, Regine Velasquez-Alcasid and Yeng Constantino.

October 31 – Ebe Dancel, Jay Durias, Julie Ann San Jose and KZ Tandingan

Tickets are available at ticket world at 891-9999 and Music Museum at 721-0635/721-6726.

Sponsored by: Belo Medical Group, Motortrade, Guitar, Pinas FM.



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s&r new york style pizza

I had been to S&R Membership Shopping once when I tagged along a friend. We had their pizza after shopping and I was really satisfied with its taste and the serving size. Originally the food items from S&R are only exclusive for members (and friends of the members like me hehe),but now you can get their pizza, calzone, churros, chicken, burger, salad, and etc without getting a membership. They put up branches around Manila instead. Well, I’ve heard of a branch in Eastwood City and the one that we visited in UP Town Center.

image (4)

Ordering was casual like in any other fast food chains in the Metro.

image (3)

They have these self servicing area where you can get the condiments that you like. If you care for more relish and onions, you may get so through these turning dispensers.

image (5)

The place was very casual. It has that ‘food court feel’ that you get when you are in a mall. The chairs and tables are positioned closely to one another and there were no servers to help around.image (2)

New York Style Pizza

New York Style Pizza

The Babe and I had their pizza and calzone combo. Both items were served with 16 oz of soda. The pizza was priced at P119 while the calzone was P129.

Pepperoni Calzone

Pepperoni Calzone

Food was really good and didn’t disappoint. We were so full when we finished eating that we skipped dessert for the first time in history. Lol.


S&R New York Style Pizza

2nd floor UP Town Center, Katipunan Ave., Diliman, Quezon City




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never ever coming back

image (2)

On our way to Batangas we had a bite at Carlo’s Pizza Restaurant in Tagaytay City.

image (4)

Being forever inlove with nature, I was excited when we reached this place. It had the perfect view for the the taal lake and taal volcano.

image (9)

But the excitement was easily defeated by the poor service that the restaurant staff offered us. They were lazy and were always inside the restaurant though the customers were all seated outside. The Babe had to go inside the restaurant just to let them know that we were ready to order. We had to call the waitress a number of times but it’s as if she was pretending to be deaf. They couldn’t argue that they were busy since there was barely anyone that time. Other than us, there was just one table filled by a couple.

image (8)

image (7)

image (6)

The worst part was that this carbonara had a dead insect along with the greens. Lucky it was me who went for it first. Mum said that she would not have seen it because she was not wearing her eye glasses. We were calling out for the lady server but she kept on looking away so we had to call the attention of the male staff. The male server was not any good as well. When we told him that there was an insect in the food that they served, he was in huge disbelief and checked the food closely before taking it back to the kitchen.

Being served that way, we thought that it is possible for them to just remove the insect and reheat the pasta instead of making a fresh one so we cancelled the order right away. They did not have any initiative to apologize for serving us such bad food. It’s as if it was in our great favor that we stumbled upon Carlo’s Pizza that day and not theirs. And as the title stated, I am never ever coming back to this place. N-E-V-E-R.


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baby samsam’s 2nd birthday

The sibs and I were in contact with Kuya Kenneth for a week regarding Baby SamSam’s 2nd birthday celebration. He informed us that it will be a simple Jollibee Kiddie Party with more or less 60 guests.


We were so excited to see Baby SamSam and Baeby Baste but we patiently waited along with other guests.


Everybody was very enthusiastic and eager to hug, kiss, and pinch these two kids as soon as they entered.



They were asked to sit down but as soon as they heard the beat of the music, they got out of their seats and danced along with the Jollibee staff.


Everyone was so happy to see their moves and couldn’t help but take photos and videos of them.


Samsam was very makulit and malikot. Paikot-ikot siya all over the place and he was hugely distracted by his birthday cake.


IMG_3921Mommy Sheila had to distract him because he would’ve made a mess if he reached the birthday cake.


After a few parlor games, guests were allowed to take a photo or two with them. SamSam was not included in half of the pictures kasi naglilikot siya kung saan saan. So adorbs!


This is my most priced picture of me and Baeby Baste. I looooooove it!




The kids got tired of all the photo ops but were energized as soon as they saw Jollibee!


SamSam loves Jollibee so much. He was so clingy and glued to the mascot. He even gave Jollibee some of his chocolates and I could have sworn that he tried to feed the mascot some candies.


One of my Baeby Baste stories to tell my kids is this: While he was eating his Jolly Spaghetti, Baste tried to whistle and he was surprised with the sound that it made. He was looking straight at me and I laughed as I see he was baffled with the sound. He blew the whistle again to show off to me. Then I knew I made a connection with him. It was a moment between the two of us that I will treasure forever. Haha! May ganon?


Give credit where credit is due, sabi nga nila. I have to give credit to and praise Mommy Shiella.


The kids were polite and bubbly. I believe they are being raised properly. One of the things na hinangaan ko talaga sa mga bagets na ito ay ang positive attitude nila. They have videos that show na may sakit sila, and most of us are moody when we’re sick right? But these two were still smiling and malambing though masama ang pakiramdam nila. Ang galing lang. Ang gaan siguro nila maging kasama kahit pa tumanda na sila. Positive lang.


They were trained to say “thank you” whenever they were handed gifts. They were asked to say “sorry” for improper things that they have done. And most especially, at a young age they know how to pray to and praise God.


Congratulations Mommy Shiella and Papa Sol for having two of the cutest and most wonderful kids in the world.


Again, Happy 2nd Birthday SamSam!


Baeby Baste’s Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/bastegranfon



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