Who doesn’t love cake? It has been a symbol of celebration from all over the world. Plus let’s be honest, sugar/sweets are beyond addicting, aren’t they? Luckily, I have a friend who makes fabulous cakes. Mind you, they don’t just look good they taste even better!


Kristel’s is a bake shop located in Victoria, Oriental Mindoro but the owner *slash* baker often come here in Manila to make cakes for various events. She started this business a few years back but it was just recently that I finally tasted a piece. I am so proud of how far her baking skills have gone so far.

They offer cakes for all sorts of occasions. Here are some samples of her creative juices.

Birthday Cakes

birthday 1 birthday2


Holiday Cupcakes

holiday2 holiday1


Doll Cakes

doll1 doll2



cupcake cupcake2


Cupcake Towers

tower2 tower1


Wedding Cakes

wedding2 wedding1

I urge you to try out Kristel’s cakes. It is not just affordable but I’m pretty sure you’ll get more than your money’s worth. Trust me I know the baker, when she starts baking for you she will fully give her time, attention, and heart into it.



Victoria, Oriental Mindoro

0926 632 9626




The Flying Mermaid



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