For my 22nd birthday(2010) I went out of town with some of my closest friends and boyfriend. We went to Blue Coral Beach Resort in Laiya, Batangas. It was a pretty long drive from Manila but definitely worth it. Upon entering the beach area you will see various signages from resorts in the area.


It was a summer so it is always best decision to make reservations. Planning gives you a whole lot choices as compared to just walking into a resort.



As soon as we checked-in, we changed into our swimsuits and hit the beach right away!



blue-coral-59We were mesmerized by the beach’s beauty. It was truly a paradise! But do not expect a fine white sand like that in Boracay because what they have in Laiya are white shells. If you look closer at the photo below you would see the consistency of the sand here. It was a bit difficult to walk on so it is best to wear flip flops.



This is an open beach so you may pass through the beach walk of other resorts like Acuatico Beach Resort which has an infinity pool that catches everyone’s attention.


IMG-1516Even before ‘selfies’ were a thing, my friends and I used to do this already. We have so many things in common and one of them is our love for photos!







If you are not a sea-kinda-person, Blue Coral Beach Resort also offers an outdoor pool where you may swim at.IMG-1368

As I have mentioned earlier, you may walk along the beach walk of other resorts so at night time my boyfriend and I strolled. When we saw that there were no guards in the entrance to other resorts we came in! Well just so we could take photos though. My boyfriend did not like that but I still pushed for it. We went to Sabangan Beach Resort which was just beside the resort that we rented.



It was indeed one beachin’ birthday to remember.



The Flying Mermaid


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