Throwback Thursday: dengue

First posted on August 11, 2010.

2009 – I didn’t get sick even a fever at all. Come 2010 – spent a week in a hospital.


Ilan days na din ako nilalagnat and I thought na lagnat lang talaga yun. Nagpa-CBC with platelet count ako at lumabas na mababa ang platelet ko. Positive Dengue nga. We opted for confinement for hydration lang. Sayang. Pwede na sana yun sa bahay. Pero iba din talaga yung may medical assistance. Thanks to Our Lady of Mercy General Hospital in Pulilan, Bulacan and to my attending physician Dra. Eliza Valenzuela.


One night hindi namonitor ng nurse ko yung IVF level ko kaya nadrain, ang tendency magclot yung dugo ko dun sa abbocath. Pag nagcloth kailangan ireinsert. Huhuhuhu! Sa kabilang kamay sinubukan pero wala. Cephallic vein subok ulit pero wala. Huhuhuhu. Hanggang sa yung Resident on Duty ang nagreinsert. Nagtataka ako bakit sa artery niya ininsert instead na sa vein. Anyways, alam nya naman ang ginagawa niya at gumaling naman ako. So, good.


Thank you sa lahat ng concerned citizens na nagtext at dumalaw. Ready na akong magpakagat ulit sa lamok. hahahaha!

The Flying MermaidDon’t worry I was really fine. I was just goofing around so I put on some powder on my lips to look pale. Crazy eh?


The Flying Mermaid



kowloon house




My to-go place for the wee hours of the night is a no brainer, Kowloon House. They are open 24/7 and has 2 branches near my place. My favorite are their dimsums. They are so juicy and tasty especially when paired with chiligarlic paste. I love how it became a favorite for me and my boyfriend. Most of the time when we don’t know where to eat, we go to Kowloon.

Last night I was having really bad dysmenorrhea so I wanted to eat some hot soup. I went to Kowloon House with my sister and ordered a beef wanton noodle soup. Though I don’t really eat the noodles, I still like having them on my plate. Weird, whatever. I felt better after having my share of this delish soup.

How about you? What’s your to-go place for food?



The Flying Mermaid

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the breakfast table

The Flying Mermaid

My sister and I went for a run at the Quezon City Memorial Circle early this morning. We burned a couple of fats and yet was very hungry so we decided to have a sumptuous breakfast. I mean, what the heck, we already run for it we deserved a breakfast reward. Lol!



Since we are already in the vicinity, we drove along the long food haven of Maginhawa Street.  My workmate showed me “The Breakfast Table” because she finds the concept of denim pants for placemat as a unique idea. We went there and absolutely fell in love with the place. It was artsy artsy and all. They used blue bottles for accent and blue buckets as lamp shades. It was very creative. And as I have said they were using denim pants for table mats. Unlucky for us the place was packed when we came so we only get to use the normal cloth table mats.


The service was efficient and there was nothing that I didn’t particularly like in the area.



They only have a small menu. I ordered for a savory french toast which has ham, mushroom, and cheese as fillings alongside with a taho shake. Yup you read that right, taho shake. The meal also comes with lettuce, tomato, and cucumber salad. Plus rootcrop chips.


My sister, on the other hand, had the TBT ham and cheese which came with same sides as mine. She paired her meal with a hazelnut coffee. She didn’t like the food much because they used pudding which is too sweet for her but other than that we enjoyed every single thing they served us today.


The server left the coffee maker with us which means we could help ourselves and make the coffee as we like it. It was served with fresh milk, white and muscovado sugar. The serving was good for two.


All in all, it was a breakfast worth driving for.


And! Have a look! The bill came in denim! 🙂 The prices listed below may not be accurate but that is how I remember it.

Savory French Toast – 180 Pesos

TBT Ham and Cheese – 215 Pesos

Taho Shake – 60 Pesos

Hazelnut Coffee – 99 Pesos

Hope you had as nice breakfast as I had today.


The Flying Mermaid
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nurses’ bowling cup


I worked as a nurse in Bustos Community Hospital. I was not really familiar with the place because even though I grew up in Bulacan, we were actually based in Batangas for the longest time. When my colleagues from the hospital invited me and my bestfriend cousin to play bowling with them, we went for it.


The bowling alley was located at Baliuag Bulacan near NE Mart. Unlike other bowling alleys, they are not so strict with the ‘bowling shoes’ policy so we just used whatever footwear we had on at that time.




The rates were really reasonable, I could actually classify it as cheap. If I remember it correctly, it was just 60Php per head and that was multiple games.



We had so much fun fooling around and competing with each other. It was a debreather that we all needed at that time considering all the stress from workload in the hospital.


Aside from bowling they also have tables for table tennis and they offer a variety of food choices.


Up to now I am so thrilled everytime that I get a chance to bowl. I won’t classify myself as a good player but I really enjoy this sport and it doesn’t really matter if you’re good at it or not so as long as you are having fun, right?



The Flying Mermaid





For my 22nd birthday(2010) I went out of town with some of my closest friends and boyfriend. We went to Blue Coral Beach Resort in Laiya, Batangas. It was a pretty long drive from Manila but definitely worth it. Upon entering the beach area you will see various signages from resorts in the area.


It was a summer so it is always best decision to make reservations. Planning gives you a whole lot choices as compared to just walking into a resort.



As soon as we checked-in, we changed into our swimsuits and hit the beach right away!



blue-coral-59We were mesmerized by the beach’s beauty. It was truly a paradise! But do not expect a fine white sand like that in Boracay because what they have in Laiya are white shells. If you look closer at the photo below you would see the consistency of the sand here. It was a bit difficult to walk on so it is best to wear flip flops.



This is an open beach so you may pass through the beach walk of other resorts like Acuatico Beach Resort which has an infinity pool that catches everyone’s attention.


IMG-1516Even before ‘selfies’ were a thing, my friends and I used to do this already. We have so many things in common and one of them is our love for photos!







If you are not a sea-kinda-person, Blue Coral Beach Resort also offers an outdoor pool where you may swim at.IMG-1368

As I have mentioned earlier, you may walk along the beach walk of other resorts so at night time my boyfriend and I strolled. When we saw that there were no guards in the entrance to other resorts we came in! Well just so we could take photos though. My boyfriend did not like that but I still pushed for it. We went to Sabangan Beach Resort which was just beside the resort that we rented.



It was indeed one beachin’ birthday to remember.



The Flying Mermaid

blue feather


This was what I wore when I hosted a school event for one last time. I chose royal blue because it was really a hit at the time (this was back in 2009). I love how I was able to find a matching blue feather as head dress, because it made me feel like one of the royalties in Europe.


I’ve hosted a couple of programs in school but this one is different, so far it has been the best! Basing things from guests’ reactions, I hope they felt the same way too. Here are some of my proud moments last night

*Ka Dan (during the program): Kayo ulit ang maghost next year ah. You’re doing a great job.
*Ka Dan (before I went home): *Shake hands* Congratulations! Ayos.
*Dean: *Shake hands* Ok kayo ah.
*School President: *Thumbs up*
A few guests congratulated us too.

I am so happy that my parents were there to witness it.


The Flying Mermaid