Throwback Thursday: atomic patty

First posted in April 4, 2011.

According to my site stats, most of the topics searched on my blog is about Atom Araullo and Patty Laurel. There was a time I even thought of putting up a fan site for them. But now that they have broken up, the hopes of developing such website is no longer possible.

Well this post isn’t about me.

This is what Patty Laurel wrote on her temporary site regarding her on the process of renovation blog and the break up with Atom:

To my dear blog friends,

I’ve received many warm messages from all of you regarding my blog. For personal reasons, I’ve decided to keep my posts unavailable for now. I hope you will be patient with me..Im currently developing a new blog site with the help of my best friend Alessa Libongco-Lanot (who will be designing it for me!! Yipeeee!). I’ll have it up and running again soon..with lots of silly kwentos 🙂 Looking forward to killing more of your braincells with my useless posts 🙂 I will see you all soon in blogville! In the meantime, babalitaan ko kayong lahat sa twitter!

On behalf of Atom, I would like to thank everyone for being so concerned about the status of our relationship. Atom and I will always be good friends, nothing will ever change that. We decided to part ways a long time ago but chose to keep things private at first, so we apologize for not telling you sooner. It was a mutual decision made with much respect and care for one another. It may be hard to believe and I’m sure a lot of you are waiting for a nasty breakup story for me to tell, but the truth was a very clean and positive breakup. Contrary to all the rumors, we were very kind and faithful to one another during our entire 4 years. I have nothing but admiration and respect for Atom…and I’d like to believe he feels that way for me too. Please be happy for us, as we are truly happy for one another now..and the new and exciting things we both will face as individuals. 🙂

I hope through this letter you will all find it in your hearts to stop making up stories or fueling rumors about us. Atom and I are just regular people who are just trying to move on with our we ask for your understanding at this time 🙂

I pray that you will continue to support us. Please continue to support Atom, hands down one of the best the world! Oh yeah! And I hope patuloy din yung suporta niyo sa kin…Patty of the best…ummmm, I dont know yet..basta THE BEST ako! hahaha 🙂

Maraming Salamat!

God bless you all. 🙂


PS This is just a temporary address 🙂 I will have my new blog address soon! Thank you for all your sweet messages! Im touched guys


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